POST Assignment Grade

Grade an assignment with points.

Request URL


Request headers

Content-Type stringMedia type of the body sent to the API.

Request body

AssignmentId intThe ID of the assignment to add a grade to. The AssessmentTypeId is returned in the GET Assignment Types call.
SectionId intThe ID of the section the course to add a grade to occurs in. The sectionId is returned in the GET Sections call.
StudentUserId intThe ID of the student the grade should be associated with. You must use StudentId returned in the GET User call.
GradebookGrade intThe points earned for the assignment. The points should not exceed the assignment's Maximum Points. The MaxPoints is returned in the GET Assignments for Class call.

  "AssignmentId": "2833735",
  "SectionId": "1506414",
  "StudentUserId": "2884690",
  "GradebookGrade": "65"

Response 200

Returns 1 when the operation succeeds. NOTE: If the combination of assignment type / section / marking period is set to use a letter grade scale, you will see a 403 stating USER_ERROR: Operation Failed. Also, note that there is no PUT for this API call. Always use POST and it will add or update the grade as necessary.

  "Message": "1"


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