POST Assignment

Create an assignment.

Request URL


Request headers

Content-Type stringMedia type of the body sent to the API.

Request body

ShortDescription int
AssignmentTypeId intFound with GET Assignment Types
AbbrDescription stringRequired if including assignment in grade book
SectionLinks object
IncGradeBook boolInclude in grade book
IncCumGrade boolAdd to cumulative grade
MaxPoints intHow many points the assignment is worth
Factor intDefault of 1

  "AssignmentTypeId": "1114",
  "ShortDescription": "Go away, read some books",
  "LongDescription": "Here are some details.",
  "IncGradeBook": true,
  "AbbrDescription": "CLS",
  "MaxPoints": "10",
  "Factor": "1",
  "ExtraCredit": false,
  "IncCumGrade": true,
  "PublishGrade": true,
  "DropboxInd": false,
  "DropboxNumFiles": "1",
  "DropboxTimeLate": "11:59 PM",
  "SectionLinks": [
      "SectionId": "1506414",
      "AssignmentDate": "06/09/2017",
      "AssignmentTime": "15:00:00",
      "DueDate": "06/09/2017",
      "DueTime": "11:59 PM",
      "Section": null,
      "PublishInd": true,
      "PublishOnAssignedInd": false
  "LinkItems": [],
  "DownloadItems": [],
  "SendNotification": false,
  "Notifications": [],
  "HasGrades": false,
  "RubricId": 0,
  "Lti": []

Response 200

Returns ID of new assignment.