POST Enroll User in School

Gives a user (such as a candidate) the student role.

Request URL


Request headers

Content-Type stringMedia type of the body sent to the API.

Request body

userID intThe ID of the user to be given the student role. The userID is returned in the GET Users call.
FutureEnrollmentsboolEnter True if the student should be able to enroll in later grade levels in the school. For example, the student begins in 9th grade but can graduate to the 10th, 11th, 12th, and so forth, grades.
enrollDate stringThe date the user enrolls as a student. Use the following date format:
schoolYearLabel stringThe school year the enrolled student begins in. If a school year later than the current school year is entered, then the student is enrolled as an incoming student. The SchoolYearLabel is returned in the GET School Years call.
Roles intAdditional roles that the student should be associated with.
SchoolLevelID intThe ID of the school level that the student is to be enrolled in. The SchoolLevelID is returned in the GET School Levels call.
GradeLevelID intThe ID of the grade level that the student is to be enrolled in. The GradeLevelID is returned in the GET Grade Levels call.

  "UserId": "3295444",
  "FutureEnrollments": 1,
  "EnrollDate": "6/9/2017",
  "SchoolYearLabel": "2016 - 2017",
  "Roles": [
  "SchoolLevelId": 453,
  "GradeLevelId": 1506

Response 200

Returns enrollment ID when the operation succeeds. Returns 0 when operation fails.


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