POST Enroll User in School

Makes a current user into a student.

Request URL


Request headers

Content-Type stringMedia type of the body sent to the API.

Request body

userID intUser to convert to student
enrollDate stringDate the enrollment is effective. i.e. mm-dd-yyyy.
schoolYearLabel string
Roles int
SchoolLevelID int
GradeLevelID int

  "UserId": "3295444",
  "FutureEnrollments": 1,
  "EnrollDate": "6/9/2017",
  "SchoolYearLabel": "2016 - 2017",
  "Roles": [
  "SchoolLevelId": 453,
  "GradeLevelId": 1506

Response 200

Returns enrollment ID when the operation succeeds. Returns 0 when operation fails.