POST Address

Adds a new address for the indicated userId as that type.

Request URL


Request headers

Content-Type stringMedia type of the body sent to the API.

Request body

A valid XML/JSON address. AddressLine1 is required to successfuly create an address.

type intThe ID of the type of address to return results for. The type is returned as typeID in the GET Address Types call.

    "AddressLine1": "1234 Blackbaud lane",
    "AddressLine2": "",
    "AddressLine3": "",
    "City": "Somewhere",
    "StateShort": "NC",
    "ZipCode": "12345",
    "Country": "United States",
    "Region": "",
    "Province": "",
    "IsMailingAddress": false,
    "LabelSalutation": "",
    "FormalSalutation": "",
    "HouseholdSalutation": "",
    "IsPrimary": false,
    "LastModifyDate": "4/17/2018 5:09 PM",
    "UserId": 2716843,
    "TypeId": 1005,
    "AddressTypeLink": [
            "TypeId": 1005,
            "UserId": 2716843,
            "IsPrimary": false,
            "SortOrder": 0,
            "Shared": false
    "LastModifyUserId": 2716843

Response 200

A ResponseMessage containing the address ID of the new address.

  "Message": "2351734"

Address Properties

AddressID integer
AddressLine1 string
AddressLine2 string
AddressLine3 string
BoardingOrHome Acceptable values are B or H string
City string
Country string
IsMailingAddress bool
IsPrimary bool
Province string
Region string
StateShort string
ZipCode string

AddressType Properties

Type string
TypeID integer
isPrimary bool
UserID integer
AddressID integer
isPrimary bool
Type string
TypeID integer


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