GET Occupation

Retrieves a list of all the user's occupation information. Data is returned based on profile publish settings.

Request URL



userID intA valid system user ID.

Response 200

List of occupations for user.

    "UserId": 2716843,
    "UserOccupationId": null,
    "BusinessUrl": null,
    "JobTitle": "12th Grade Dean; Teacher",
    "BusinessName": null,
    "Industry": null,
    "Organization": null,
    "Occupation": null,
    "OccupationId": 1038079,
    "MatchingGift": false,
    "BeginDate": null,
    "EndDate": null,
    "Specialty": null,
    "ParentCompany": null,
    "JobFunction": "",
    "YearsEmployed": null,
    "EmploymentStatusId": null,
    "Current": true,
    "LastModifyDate": null,
    "InsertDate": null,
    "LastModifyUserId": null,
    "vendor_external_id": null

Occupation Properties

BeginDate   date
BusinessName   string
BusinessUrl   string
Current   boolean
EmploymentStatusID   integer
EndDate   date
Industry   string
JobFunction   string
JobTitle   string
MatchingGift   boolean
Occupation   string
OccupationID   integer
Organization   string
ParentCompany   string
Specialty   string
UserID   integer
YearsEmployed   integer