GET User

Get User information.

Request URL


Request parameters

userID Property is required The ID of the user to return record entries for. The UserID is returned in the GET Users call.

Response 200

The user with the specific user ID.

    "RowNumber": 0,
    "RowTotal": 0,
    "UserId": 1574489,
    "FirstName": "Madison",
    "LastName": "Abelle",
    "Email": "",
    "UserName": "bass",
    "HostId": "",
    "Greeting": "",
    "MaidenName": "Smith",
    "NickName": "",
    "Prefix": "Mrs.",
    "Suffix": "",
    "MiddleName": "",
    "Ssn": null,
    "EmailIsBad": false,
    "RetireDate": null,
    "OtherLastName": "Bean",
    "CcEmail": "",
    "CcEmailIsBad": false,
    "ReligionTypeId": 382,
    "Affiliation": "",
    "StudentDisplay": "Abelle, Madison",
    "DisplayName": null,
    "StudentInfo": {
      "GradYear": "",
      "GradeLevel": null,
      "GradeLevelDescription": null
    "EthnicityType": null,
    "Citizenship": "",
    "PersonalWebsite": "",
    "BoardingOrDay": "",
    "IsDeceased": false,
    "DeceasedDate": null,
    "LivingStatus": "",
    "IsAbroad": false,
    "ScreenName": "",
    "IMService": "",
    "IsLost": false,
    "Gender": "",
    "BirthDate": null,
    "PersonalBio": "",
    "MiscBio": "",
    "Note": null,
    "CitizenshipId": null,
    "LatinoHispanic": null,
    "InStateResident": null,
    "ResidentCounty": "",
    "ResidentFromDate": null,
    "BirthPlace": "",
    "PrimaryLanguageId": null,
    "SpokenLanguages": [],
    "languagesXml": null,
    "VisaNumber": "",
    "VisaTypeId": null,
    "VisaStatus": null,
    "VisaIssueDate": null,
    "VisaExpireDate": null,
    "PassportNumber": "",
    "PassportExpireDate": null,
    "StudentId": "",
    "LockerNbr": "",
    "LockerCombo": "",
    "MailboxNbr": "",
    "MailboxCombo": "",
    "ParentId": null,
    "PublishUserPage": true,
    "GradebookDefaultInd": true,
    "DefaultPersonaId": null,
    "CustomField1": "Custom Item",
    "CustomField2": "",
    "CustomField3": "",
    "CustomField4": "",
    "CustomField5": "",
    "CustomField6": "",
    "CustomField7": "",
    "CustomField8": "",
    "CustomField9": "",
    "CustomField10": "",
    "ProfilePhoto": {
      "Id": 363003,
      "FilePath": null,
      "ThumbFilePath": null,
      "ZoomFilePath": null,
      "OriginalFilePath": null,
      "LargeFilenameUrl": "/ftpimages/100157/user/large_user1574489_363003.jpg",
      "LargeFilename": "large_user1574489_363003.jpg",
      "LargeHeight": 968,
      "LargeWidth": 645,
      "ThumbFilenameUrl": "/ftpimages/100157/user/thumb_user1574489_363003.jpg",
      "ThumbFilename": "thumb_user1574489_363003.jpg",
      "ThumbWidth": 0,
      "ThumbHeight": 0,
      "ZoomFilenameUrl": "",
      "ZoomWidth": 0,
      "ZoomHeight": 0,
      "OriginalFilenameUrl": "",
      "OriginalFilename": "",
      "OriginalWidth": 0,
      "OriginalHeight": 0,
      "Title": "",
      "Caption": "",
      "LongDescription": "",
      "TagList": [],
      "InsertDate": null,
      "LastModifyDate": null,
      "LastModifyUserId": null,
      "vendor_external_id": null
    "InsertDate": "4/13/2006 8:06 AM",
    "LastModifyDate": "4/21/2017 4:21 PM",
    "LastModifyUserId": 3294399,
    "vendor_external_id": null


UserID Read only integer
FirstName string
LastName string
Email string
HostId string
Greeting string
MaidenName string
NickName string
Prefix string
Suffix string
MiddleName string
OtherLastName string
Affiliation string
Gender string
BirthDate date

Extended Properties

These fields are returned by /user/extended/(userID)/ in addition to the above field(s).

EthnicityType integer
Citizenship string
PersonalWebsite integer
BoardingOrDay integer
IsDeceased boolean
DeceasedDate date
LivingStatus string
IsAbroad boolean
ScreenName string
IMService string
IsLost boolean
CustomField1 - 10 string

Audit Properties

These fields are returned by /user/audit/.

PrimaryKey integer
FieldName string
SourceBefore string
SourceAfter string
ChangeDate date
DeceasedDate date
HandledInd boolean
DownloadedInd boolean


StudentInfo Basic information about enrollment status. StudentInfo

Extended Connections

These connections are returned by /user/extended/(userID)/ in addition to the above connection(s).

AddressList Array of Address
PhoneList Array of Phone
OccupationList Array of Occupation
EducationList Array of Education
Relationships Array of Relationship
ProfilePhoto PhotoItem


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