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Getting Started

Note: In order to use the ON API, your school must have the SDK installed. Talk to your Account Manager if you do not have the SDK and would like to inquire about getting it.

Step 1 - Login to the ON products as a platform manager

Go to your school's instance of the ON products [school] and sign in using your account. If you are not a Platform Manager for the school, you will need to get someone who is to sign in and perform the next step.

Step 2 - Get authorized

Now that you are signed in as a Platform Manager:

  • Go to Core —> Users/Access —> Profile —> and then “Manage Roles”
  • Click on the link for "Web Services API Manager”, select “Members”, and add the user that will access the API.

We recommend creating a user specifically for the Web Services API Manager role rather than adding the role to an existing user. You will be using this user's login information in Step 4.

Note: In order to see the “Web Services API Manager” Role, your school must have the SDK installed.

Partners: Existing partners are required to add an additional role to the user. The role name corresponds with their organization name. Note that this step will no longer be relevant once ON API fully transitions into SKY API.

Step 3 - Check out the Endpoint Reference and Tutorials

Take a look at our API Reference to see what information the API allows you to access.

Read the Basics for more information on how to authenticate via the REST API, how specific errors are returned, and what the supported response formats are.

Step 4 - Try it!

Now that the proper API account is set-up and you understand the basics to get your authentication token, go ahead and try to connect via your browser, or a tool designed for connecting to APIs.

Click here to learn how to set this up in the free API tool, Postman.

To obtain your authentication token, perform a POST. The POST call must contain two body key-value pairs: username and password.

Perform a POST call to the following route: https://{school}

The body of the POST must contain:

    "username": "testuser",
    "password": "JA9vEeKFqZHCikMKF"

Partners: Add a third key-value pair beneath password in the request body: vendorkey. Vendorkey is supplied by the K12 ON API team.

Step 5 - Learn More

Read the Basics and then use the API Reference to explore more of the capabilities of the ON API. Then try more tests using this tutorial.


Have a question? See a problem with our docs? Want to engage with the ON API team? Please visit us on the ON API Community!