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Getting Started

How do I get started with SKY API?

The School API Developer Community will be one of your best resources not only when you're getting started, but as you are deep in development and have questions about how to do things or whether or not the API can do certain tasks.

Some other helpful resources:

Closed Beta Questions

When can I start testing the new API?

In the Closed Beta, we are slowly rolling out access to Blackbaud Technology Partners who have asked to participate. This Closed Beta will have 3 phases. Please post your feedback in the School API Developer Community.

Which phase of the Closed Beta are we in?

We are currently in the Tech Preview phase, preparing for Phase 1 of the Closed Beta. See descriptions below for the phases of the program.

Note: These dates are subject to change.

  • Tech Preview (November 2017)

    Members of the Closed Beta will be able view a small number of endpoints in our documentation.

  • Phase 1 (Q1 2018)

    Members of the Closed Beta will be able to test a small number of endpoints on a shared sandbox while using the Try It button in the API Console in our documentation or an app like Postman.

  • Phase 2 (Q2 2018)

    Members of the Closed Beta can begin coding and working with their own sandboxes. More endpoints available.

  • Phase 3 (Late Q2 2018)

    Increased number of partners participating in this phase. Partners can begin leveraging SKY API to integrate directly with schools.

  • Open Beta (Summer 2018)

    All who are interested can use the beta. (Participants must be a customer with at least one of the ON products or a Blackbaud Technology Partner.)

Why don't I see the full list of endpoints on the migration page?

At this point in the beta, you will only see a list of a limited number of endpoints on the migration table. We're still planning for the other endpoints, but will expand the list as we move along through the phases of the beta. Questions/comments about endpoint development priority should go here.

Where do I get answers to my questions about the new API?

Visit the School API Developer Community to get answers to your questions regarding the API.

Feature Requests

Where do I post requests for new features?

Post your Ideas and comment/vote on existing ideas.


"Sorry, we can’t find the page you are looking for​"

To view the documentation for the proposed SKY API routes, you must be a member of the Closed Beta, and signed in with your Blackbaud Developer Account or you will see an error page. If you see this error page and are part of the Closed Beta, click the Sign In button in the top right of the page.

If you still have a problem getting in, try accessing your Developer Account Analytics, which should refresh the access privileges between the API and your Blackbaud ID. Then you can go back to the School API Endpoint Reference.

If you continue to have problems, please post in the School API Developer Community.

"You are not subscribed to this API"

When you are viewing the documentation and click the Try It button, you will see an error message like this: You are not subscribed to this API and will get a '401 Access Denied' response. To subscribe, go to the Products page and click on the desired product containing this API.

This is because the Try It functionality is not yet available. See the Phases references and dates above in order to see when this functionality should be available.

Technical Questions

Where are the PUT, POST, DELETE methods?

In the early stages of the beta, we are starting primarily with GET methods. As we add more, you will notice that PUT methods are replaced with PATCH. Unlike PUT, PATCH can be used to update partial resources. For instance, when you only need to update one field of the resource. In this way the payload size is optimized. We think you will appreciate the improvement.