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Monitor this page to keep up-to-date with changes to the ON API, including the technical reference and documentation.



We added the following new documentation:

Operation Method Route
Admissions Checklists GET /AdmChecklist/List
Candidate POST /admissions/createcandidatefromuser
Scoreboard GET /athletics/scoreboard
Create Game PUT /athleticschedule/gamecreate
Update Game PUT /athleticschedule/gameupdate
Roster GET /athletics/roster
Emergency Contact Phone GET /user/emergencycontactphone
Emergency Contact Email GET /user/emergencycontactemail
Emergency Contact Changes Sync GET /datasync/EmergencyContactChangesGet
Changed Users GET /user/UserChanged
User Full Sync GET /user/UserFullSync


  • Postman Tutorial – We improved the tutorial to make it easier to follow.

  • Endpoint Reference – We updated the EndPoint Reference to have one operation per page. Also, each operation now has an improved layout and a friendly name.

  • Added 418 I'm a teapot status code documentation to the Basics page.

  • We made additional documentation enhancements to improve your ability to use the ON API.



We added the following new documentation:

  • Basics – Provides an overview of some key concepts within the ON API.

  • Postman Tutorial – Learn how to test the ON API with Postman.



  • On the Relationship endpoint, we updated the url for POST /relationship/ to POST /user/relationsip/ and DELETE /relationship/ to DELETE /user/relationship/. We also added a sample request body for POST.

  • On the Role endpoint, we updated the url for GET /role/directory/ to GET /role/ListAll/. We also added a sample response for GET.



  • On the Address endpoint, we updated the url for POST /user/address/ to POST /user/addressforuser/.

  • We also changed the type parameter to typeID and added a sample request body.


The Blackbaud ON API site now offers commenting capability through Disqus. We encourage community involvement to continually improve our documentation and to help you with questions or problems you may have.

We will monitor comments just like we monitor feedback in our community, and we will incorporate feedback to make our docs better. See something that is unclear? Want more detail? Leave a comment and let us know!

On the site, comments now appear at the bottom of most pages, and buttons are available at the top of pages to take users to the comments.


We are working hard at improving the documentation for the ON API.


We added the following documentation:


We documented the following endpoints:

Operation Method Route
Phone for user (Post) POST /user/PhoneForUser/
Athletic location (Post) POST /athleticlocation/crud
Athletic opponent (Post) POST /AthleticOpponent/edit